1 September 2022
Call for PhD Applications 2025
The Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS) is now inviting applications for PhD scholarships in spatial sustainability to explore the topic of innovations in housing. The deadline for application submission is September 1, 2024. The programme starts on March 1, 2025.
                                  Call for Applications

30 September 2022
PhD Scholarships
Beyond 2030: Envisioning sustainable and resilient places for transformative change
DLGS announces PhD scholarships for young scientists in the field of spatial sustainability science to explore the topic of envisioning future places for transformative change. The deadline for application submission is 30th September, 2022. The program starts on 1st March 2023.

26-28 September 2022 - Network conference 2022
"Future of the Traces of Modernity: Public Mass housing neighbourhoods" in Bratislava (Slovakia)
                                  Call for papers and preliminary program

21-22 September 2021 - Network conference 2021
"21st year of 21st century - Western Balkans’ Challenge of Common Future" in Belgrade (Serbia)
                                  Call for Papers

26-27 November 2020 - Network conference 2020
"Territorial governance arrangements for resilience in urban-rural interaction" (26th-27th November 2020, Leipzig, Germany)
organized as a session within the international conference
"Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships – URP2020" (25th-27th November 2020, Leipzig, Germany)
                                  Call for Papers
                                  Conference website of URP2020

24-25 October 2019
International Scientific Conference
"The e-Future of Cities: Between Temptations of Exponential Technology Growth and the Concept of Human City" in Belgrade (Serbia)
                                  Call for Papers
                                  Conference website

26-27 September 2019 - Network Conference 2019
"Territorial Development in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe – 'Places that do not matter' and inner peripheries" in Tirana (Albania)

                                  Call for papers

22-23 November 2018 - Network Conference 2018
"From Smart Cities to Smart Regions in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe" in Bratislava (Slovakia)
                                  Book of Abstracts



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