22-23 November 2018 - Network Conference 2018
"From Smart Cities to Smart Regions in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe" in Bratislava (Slovakia)
                                  Call for Papers

13-17 September 2017 - Network Conference 2017
"The Role of Public Sector in Local Economic and Territorial Development in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe " in Sofia (Bulgaria)
                                  Call for Papers

12-14 September 2016 - Network Conference 2016
"Management of historically developed urban and rural landscapes in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe" in Lednice (Czech Republic).
                                  Call for Papers
                                  Conference Documents

27-29 September 2015 - Network Conference 2015
"Green infrastructure in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe: A universal solution to current environmental and spatial challenges?" in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
                                  Call for Proposals
                                  Book of Abstracts

18-19 September 2014 - Annual Conference 2014
"Empirical Evidence of Urban Resilience in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe" in Bratislava (Slovakia).
                                  Call for Proposals

8-12 October 2013
WARSAW REGIONAL FORUM 2013 - Territorial capital - concepts, indicators & policy
The Warsaw Regional Forum is organized on a regular basis once every two years (biennially) by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, together with the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland and Polish Geographical Society. This year coorganizer is also Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes. The conference will take place in Warsaw (Poland).
                                   More information (First Circular)

25-27 September 2013 Conference 2013 - The Role and Future of Spatial Planning in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
The conference is organised by the Leibniz Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IOER) and the Chair of Spatial Development at the Technische Universität Dresden.
                                   Conference Topic
                                   Conference Programme

4 July 2013
Announcement of doctoral fellowships by the DLGS - Dresden Leibniz Graduate School on "Urban and Regional Resilience"
Details about the research topic and the admission formalities may be found at
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6-7 June 2013
The meeting will be held at the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland).
                                   More information
                                   Symposium Info

22-25 May 2013
The Conference is organised by the Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia (IAUS) and will be held in Belgrade from 22-25 May 2013.
                                   First Information
                                   More information on
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4-6 April 2013
The symposium is organized by the Serbian Spatial Planners Association and will take place traditionally in Palic - Subotica (Serbia).
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                                   Topics manual

25-26 October 2012
Network Conference 2012
The conference will take place 25-26 October 2012 in Kecskemét (Hungary) under the topic "The Role of Renewable Energy for Regional Development"

                                   Conference Programme

24-26 September 2012
International Conference on Managing Protected Areas under Climate Change (IMPACT)
The conference will organize by the HABIT-CHANGE project and will take place 24-26 September 2012 in Dresden (Germany). The conference aims to inform relevant stakeholders about the HABIT-CHANGE project and disseminate the results.

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20-22 September 2012
EURA Conference 2012 on "Urban Europe - Challenges to Meet the Urban Future"
It is the conference of the European Urban Research Association organized by the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning, Vienna University of Technology.

                                  The Calls for Papers are open until 17th of March 2012.

7-8 June 2012
Third workshop of the Regional Studies Research Network on 'Ecological Regional Development'
"Taking stock of key conceptual approaches and empirical themes"

The workshop is organised by the IÖR and the University of Luxemburg.

                                  Venue: Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg
                                  Invitation and Programme (PDF 6 MB)

15-17 March 2012
Fourth scientific and professional symposium with international participation on "Local Self-Government in Planning and Regulation of Space and Settlements - Cities in XXI Century" Zlatibor, Serbia

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                                  Read more... (Topics manual)

19-22 October 2011
Warsaw Regional Forum and Network Conference 2011
The conference will take place 19-22 October 2011 in Warsaw (Poland) under the topic "Functional Regions - Towards a New Paradigm of Territorial and Cohesion Policy".

                                  Read more ... (Third Circular)
                                  Book of Abstracts

28 July 2011
Announcement of 8 doctoral fellowships by the DLGS - Dresden Leibniz Graduate School on "Urban and Regional Resilience – Managing Change for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development"

                                  A detailed description of possible research lines, topics and requirements can be found on the
                                  DLGS webpage:

20 July 2011
Final Conference of the DERREG Project "Globalization and Rural Regions in Europe: Impacts, Challenges and Lessons"

12-13 October 2011 (+ 14 October for DERREG partners)

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4 March 2011
Conference "Challenges and Performance of Post Socialist Tourism in Central Eastern European Countries" in Bucharest, Romania, 26-28 May 2011

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