Network Conference 2007 overview conferences

Territorial Capital:
Guiding Principle for European Spatial Development
(Budapest, Hungary, 23-25 September 2007)


This year’s network meeting of ("Network of Spatial Research and Planning Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe") took place 24 and 25 September in Budapest and attended to the concept of "Territorial Capital". Seventeen participants from eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe discussed on Territorial Capital, joint research projects, publications and further activities.

In the spotlight were presentations and discussions on Territorial Capital. In six contributions different dimensions and implications of the Territorial Capital on spatial development have been highlighted. It became clear that the discussion in Territorial Capital is important and that there is a need of further research. The term has a rather political character, is easy to communicate and stands the chance for a broad discussion. However the term overlaps with other concepts and requires concretion. The theoretical debate so far is rather weak and driven by economists. From the perspective of Territorial Capital comprises both endowment factors of territory and the ability to capitalise on these. Furthermore it became clear that different planning cultures play an important role in the debate on Territorial Capital as well. As a result of characteristics in Central and Eastern Europe this is an interesting field of research for

The presentations can be downloaded on The participants have agreed on a joint publication on Territorial Capital. Furthermore a joint research project on Territorial Capital is being initiated in the 7. Framework Programme of the European Union. Project partners are the Centre of Regional Science of the Vienna University of Technology and further institutes.


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